Market Update – May 2022

Market Update from Calibre Steel

Facing many hurdles more than two years into the pandemic, the construction industry is struggling with critical issues that are putting pressure on firms and consumers alike. Building materials and labor shortages are both contributing to project timeline delays. Costs have also been increasing as demand rises and with the construction sector targeted as a means to spur economic growth.

Moreover, it is seen that the Russia-Ukraine conflict will exacerbate price hikes due to the rise in fuel prices.

Total construction starts are seen to exhibit an optimistic long-term trend and a steadily increasing 12-MMA trend, pointing to continued positive prospects. On the other hand, the short-term comparison shows a fall in construction activity in the next 3 months due to a drop in both the building and civil segments.

Source: BCI Forecaster



Source: BCI Forecaster
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This market update data is provided by BCI Forecaster.

BCI Forecaster delivers research on well over 100,000 construction projects p.a. in all stages of development from early concept-design to construction.


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