Quality Assurance

Quality Assured

Calibre stands behind its products by certifying compliance to independently established Australian Standards.
These standards cover the steel’s chemical composition and mechanical properties, associated testing, inspection, certification procedures and dimensional tolerances.

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The 3 critical components to ensuring quality compliance –


All Plates supplied by Calibre Steel are stencilled with the necessary compliance information for identification, traceability and connection to a specific manufacturer and test certificate.




Compliance is a key issue in the Australian construction market, and test certificates allow you to check for compliance.
The test certificate is an important reference document that reports on all elements relating to the applicable Australian Standard.
Compliance to the applicable Australian Standard is vital as it gives the specifier and purchaser confidence that the material obtained will perform as intended in the design and use phases of a project. 
In addition test certificates provide evidence of material identification and origin. Knowing the mill is reputable and can provide this level of traceability and certification helps provide peace of mind that the steel plate product is compliant with the applicable Standards.
For example, BlueScope Steel’s products are also tested via NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited agencies. NATA is a member of an internationally accepted system that recognises the competence of testing and calibration laboratories that assures the quality of test data internationally. NATA accredited test certificates are provided with each BlueScope Steel order and are kept on file.


 AS/NZS3678 minimum information equipment

Steelmakers, manufacturers, suppliers and the testing authorities name

Test Certificate number and test number

Heat number

Product, testing specification and grade

Product Delivery condition


Reference to a third party accrediting body recognised by ILAC, such as NATA

Aditional tests agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer


Product Steelmaking process

Unique product identifiers for the tested units and other product covered by the test certificate

Chemical Analysis type

Chemical composition of all elements listed in Tables 2 or 3 of the Standard

The relevant mechanical testing results (including test piece position and orientation, batch or item basis of testing and results)

Statement acknowledging the chemistry and tested mechanical properties comply with the Standard

Signatory from the manufacturer, supplier and certification authority attesting to items above.

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