Bisalloy Wear Steel



Extraordinary abrasion and impact resistance properties.


  • Minimum hardness levels
  • Minimum strength levels
  • Excellent weldability
  • Excellent formability
  • Excellent for cutting and drilling applications


Manufactured and supplied by Bisalloy Steels the following wear steel plate can be sourced and made available (also known as BISALLOY® WEAR steel)


BISALLOY® Wear steel plate has long been a popular choice in the mining, oil, gas and resources sectors for equipment such as dump truck bodies, storage bins, hoppers and chutes, where lighter weight, wear and impact resistance, combined with straightforward fabrication has facilitated ready adoption.

The BISALLOY® Wear steel range

  • BISALLOY® Wear 320 steel
  • BISALLOY® Wear 400 steel
  • BISALLOY® Wear 450 steel
  • BISALLOY® Wear 500 steel
  • BISALLOY® Wear 600 steel
 Thickness Range (mm)Width Range (mm)Availability
BISALLOY Wear Steel5-120VariousNot all thickness and width combinations are available

Other sizes may be available by enquiry

For all the details relating to these steel plate products please see relevant Bisalloy Steels datasheets.


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Calibre Steel are proudly associated with Bisalloy Steels as their high quality steel plate products and service aligns with our own offerings. We offer all our customers full traceability and certification on all Bisalloy Steels plate products, providing peace of mind for all types of projects. Nata certified test certificates and Green Star Compliance for those government and civil projects requiring quality assurance and environmental sustainability.

In addition, with Bisalloy Steels being local – technical support is only a phone call and if there is an issue, a face to face visit will be schedule urgently, compared to the challenges with getting answers from overseas suppliers and mills. At Calibre Steel, we generally stock BISALLOY® Wear Steel plate in specific sizes and can easily custom order other widths and lengths if required for your project.

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